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Rahab International

What is Rahab Ministries, Thailand?

Patricia Green, a New Zealander, is an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God in New Zealand, a Social Worker and has a Masters degree in Community Psychology.

She founded Rahab Ministries, a Christian Outreach Ministry to Thai women in prostitution, in Bangkok in 1988, and continued to direct the work in the red-light district of Bangkok for 17 years.

Rahab Ministries passed to Thai leadership in 2005. Over the years this ministry has reached hundreds of women and many are living positive and productive lives today.

What is Rahab International?

Rahab International is the name given to the international dimension of the work through which Patricia continues to be instrumental in strengthening similar ministries around the world.

Patricia is a well-known speaker on issues of sexual exploitation, trafficking and prostitution of women and children.

Her passion is to create awareness of these issues, and to motivate people to reach out to sexually exploited women and children and offer them new life.

Patricia now resides in Berlin, Germany, and through 'Alabaster Jar' seeks to make an impact on women in prostitution on the streets of Berlin. Internationally she continues to work on behalf of sexually exploited women and children, as a consultant and advocate.

'A Model for Ministry to Women in Prostitution'

Patricia has published a workbook ‘A Model for Ministry to Women in Prostitution’ in which she defines the ethos of the Rahab work, laying out the scriptural basis, and describing the history and achievements of Rahab in Thailand.

This book will be of tremendous help to anyone involved in such a work, and covers financial procedures, sponsorship, contracts, and many other important issues in its 108, A4 pages. It is expected to sell for £10.00 plus post and packing. Please contact Patricia on if you would like a copy.

Rahab Ministries began in 1988 as an evangelistic outreach to women and girls working in prostitution in the Patpong Road section of Bangkok. It’s an area renowned for the proliferation of sex tourism. Networking with several organizations to combat sex tourism and prostitution, Rahab Ministries three primary aims are to:

  • befriend and share the gospel with Patpong’s women and girls.

  • offer practical help to them.

  • provide opportunities for vocational training, and help with alternative employment.

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Patricia Green

Patricia Green


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