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A Model for Ministry
to Women in Prostitution

Cover of 'A Model for Ministry'This book is based upon the 'Rahab Ministries Manual 2004' and contains a very full analysis of the Rahab work amongst prostitutes in Thailand.

However this book is not just relevant to Thailand. Although there is much of general interest to the casual reader - 'Model for Ministry' gives revealing insights into the world of human trafficking - there is very much more for the person who wants to roll up their sleeves and get involved.

For such a person, this book is a priceless gold mine of insight and practical instruction.

A Model for Ministry is arranged in a number of sections:

  • Philosophy of Rahab ministries - an outline of the fundamental precepts on which Rahab ministries is built.

  • Position paper on prostitution - positions taken by Rahab ministers on a number of important matters.

  • Profile of Rahab ministries - a number of statements covering the background to the Rahab ministries project, the methods used by the project, and achievements of the Rahab project.

  • History of Rahab ministries - covering the period 1988 to 2000.

  • Training seminar for working with women in prostitution - dealing with:

    • the definition of prostitution
    • the vision that is required to drive the project
    • changing a dream into a reality
    • how to reach out to people
    • how to reach in to people through healing and restoration
    • income generation

    These 6 seminars are rich in scriptural illustrations, and practical encouragement borne from deep experience.

  • Decision-making procedures.

  • Position profiles (job descriptions) - including:

    • Project coordinator/director
    • Social worker
    • Foreign coordinator/administrator
    • Rahab housemother
    • Evangelism/Ministry coordinator
    • Beauty salon manageress
    • Rahab Bazaar manageress
    • Secretary
    • Rahab Ministries leadership team
    • Guidelines for foreign volunteers

  • Sponsorship program - the criteria for sponsorship, the sponsorship selection process, administration of the sponsorship program.

  • Legal issues - covering visits from the media, and the use of the Internet.

  • Medical fund for staff.

  • Policies of Rahab ministries - covering the appointment of staff, the appointment of foreign volunteers, visitors, visits from the media, the Rahab beauty shop, sponsorship, loans, medical visits, girls houses, the nursery, financial basis, newsletters, promotion and publicity materials, the website, Rahab Ministries properties and equipment.

  • Administrative and office procedures - covering the annual, and monthly and daily reports, procedures for incoming and outgoing correspondence by mail and e-mail, filing procedures, financial procedures for income, funds and funders, mailing list instructions, the preparation and distribution of newsletters, prayer bulletins, record-keeping procedures.

  • Rahab forms - application and interview forms, staff contracts, application form for foreign volunteers, questions for referees, contracts for missionary workers/foreign volunteers, indemnity waiver for foreign volunteers, Rahab Bazaar application form, application form for teams wishing to visit Rahab ministries, Rahab ministries workers information, child sponsorship form, loan application form.

This book is printed on quality A4 paper, runs to 108 pages, and is available in the UK at £10.00 plus post and packing. Please contact Patricia on if you would like a copy.

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