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Long and Short Term Opportunities in Mission

World Outreach exists to reach those who do not yet know God.

But we recognise that we may not keep this privilege of 'reaching out' to ourselves, but have a responsibilty to help others to see where they might become involved as well. (It was after I had visited a missionary in Malawi some years ago that God spoke to me and said "You could do that". Consequently a little time later I and my family ended up in Malawi. It was as simple as that.)

Hence we attach great importance to providing opportunities for others to see what we are doing, and to make space for them to visit, and, if they wish, to become involved. We can arrange shorter or longer visits to many of our projects around the world.

Our administrative structures are designed to support the work of mission, and are kept to the minimum that will enable us to function efficiently and to conform to all the legal obligations in each country in which we have an office.

God is clearly working through numerous projects of World Outreach (please read the list of Projects and Ministries) to make a real difference in many countries and we have the opportunity to become involved with God in programmes that will affect the course of nations for blessing.

The answer to the question "Am I my brothers' keeper?" is an unequivocal "Yes!" The wealth of the west has not been given by God to be squandered on an ever-increasing standard of living. We all need to learn to pray for others, but also, once our personal financial obligations have been met, God gives us an opportunity to become involved in what He is doing through providing financial support towards, or becoming personally involved in, the Great Commission.

You may not be free to do all that you would like to do. But you may know others who could get involved, and they need to hear from you about the opportunities for them to become involved in what God is doing.

Our aim is, via this website, to present World Outreach projects very clearly, so that you have the information to assess the value of each project for yourself if you wish to become involved. Gathering information takes time and effort, and we shall be adding to this collection as quickly as we can.

Please note that most projects can receive visitors - you are not restricted to the specific opportunities decribed in the articles below.

If you would like to talk to us, or have ideas how we could be more effective, please contact us on

Mike Cross - Operations Director, World Outreach UK

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