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2006 Courses

NB. Where a course is associated with an organisation, the organisation will be running it, but all courses are open to everyone unless otherwise stated.


Burton – on – Trent,
in partnership with DNA

Sunday 22nd to
Saturday 28th January.

Residential course

WEC International, Bulstrode Park
in partnership with WEC

Sunday 19th to
Friday 24th February.

Residential course
Sunbury Court,
in partnership with
24-7 Transit course

Monday 24th to
Friday 28th April.

Residential course
in partnership with CMS

Tuesday 2nd to
Thursday 4th May.
Tuesday 16th and
Wednesday 17th May.

Residential course

Saturday 6th May.

Saturday 20th May.

Saturday 10th June.

Saturday 24th June.

Over four Saturdays.

Friday 9th June to
Sunday 11th June.

Friday 30th June to
Sunday 2nd July.

Friday 14th July to
Sunday 16th July.

Over three weekends.


This course will be run in English primarily targeted at Portuguese speaking people.
This will be the first trial of the Portuguese translation of the reader.

Friday 21st July to
Sunday 23rd July.

Friday 4th August to
Sunday 6th August.

Friday 18th August to
Sunday 20th August.

Over three weekends.


Kairos Taster Course.

At Weydon Christian Centre, Upper Way, Farnham.

October 14th, from 10am to 12 noon.

Hosted by Duncan and Jan Weir.

Light breakfast served from 9.30am.

Please come to the course, and find out more from Esme Harding, the UK Co-ordinator of the Kairos Course.

It is expected to run a full Kairos Course in Farnham early in 2007. Come and find out more about it.

Also see:

near Edinburgh.

Kairos Taster Course.

At Whitburn Church of Scotland, 60-62 East Main Street, Whitburn, EH47 0RD.

On Friday 24th November

From 11.00am to 3.00pm.

Please bring your own lunch. Tea and coffee will be provided.

Further information is available from Nicholas Morris at

See map of the location.

Leith, Edinburgh.

Kairos Taster Course.

At Leith Baptist Church, 27 - 29 Madeira Street, Edinburgh, EH6 4AJ.

On Saturday 25th November

From 10.00am to lunchtime.

This course will be run in English but Brazilians are particularly welcome.

Further information is available from the Leith Baptist Church website at

See map of the location.

Berlin, Germany

From Sunday December 3rd

until Thursday December 7th.

This is an English-speaking course.

Further information is available from

Also see 'Kairos in Brazil and Beyond' below.

If you are interested in any of these courses, unless otherwise stated, please contact:

Esme Harding
Cordelia House
45 Westfield Road

0113 350 8087
0781 330 8682


£200 if fully residential, but this includes all course materials, refreshments, and all meals and accommodation.

Otherwise, somewhere between £125 and £175, depending on the type of the course and the place it is held, and including all course materials and refreshments, and any meals or accommodation that are provided.

Discounts may be available for students and low wage earners.

Kairos in Brazil and Beyond

An exciting project to produce a Portuguese version of Kairos and then to introduce Kairos into Brazil has developed in the past few months. As with so many Kairos developments, this project resulted from a sense that God was really opening a door of opportunity for Kairos to be released into Brazil, now one of the major missionary sending nations in the world.

The intention is to test and refine the Portuguese version in the UK using Brazilians and other Portuguese speakers based over here in the late summer/early autumn of 2006, to train Portuguese speaking Facilitators, and then to take a refined version to Brazil in April/May 2007 onwards to train indigenous Facilitators.

As Portuguese is the seventh most widely spoken language in the world, Kairos in Portuguese could also be a significant mission-training tool in other nations. In fact since the start of this project we already know of contacts in Mozambique who are looking forward to using it!

Full Details of the Project

Kairos for Experienced Mission Leaders

It is planned to run a special Kairos for experienced mission leaders: trainers, pastors and mobilisers. This course will include a training session to enable the leader to run the course for themselves subsequently.

This will be held as a residential course and, we regret, is by invitation only.

Kairos in Your Area

We would consider coming to your area if you would like to host Kairos. You would need a minimum of 12 people, and a maximum of 25, and we should be delighted to discuss this option with you.

Please contact Esme Harding on 0781 330 8682 or email

Alternatively, to learn more about Kairos, and future courses, please complete the form below, which will go directly to Esme Harding.


First name:

Last name:


Post Code:

Daytime Telephone:

Evening Telephone:

Mobile Telephone:



Please send me more information about Kairos.

I have a number of people in my church who would like to participate in Kairos. Please send me details of any courses being run in the future.

I am interested in hosting Kairos at my church and would welcome an opportunity to discuss this further.

I would like to attend Kairos. Please send me details of any courses being run in the future.

Please add any other comment:

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What people have been saying about the Kairos course:

"My whole perspective on life and being a Christian has been changed and broadened. I’ve realised the world is at the core of who God is and who we should be! We have something amazing to give the world!”

Mel Page

"I am so excited about the Kairos course! The most foundational thing in my early years as a Christian was understanding God's heart for the nations and my own lifelong place in that. It will be an incredible, unique investment of three weekends - if you can do it!”

Ian Nicholson, 24-7 Missions Director, Guildford

"Through Kairos, God helped me discover again, his heart and passion for his lost children. I was stirred by the fact God wanted and needed me to rise up and play my part in reaching the lost and making disciples. Finally it has helped me see how to better support and serve those who are called to overseas mission...”

Jez Cromie

"Kairos gave me an incredible overview of the world-wide mission scene and helped me make sense of many strands of my mission involvement. But more than that, it challenged me deeply, renewed my passion and repositioned me for the future. In an age of globalisation every Christian needs to be challenged and equipped to discover their part in world mission, both at home and abroad. I believe Kairos is accessible, prophetic and highly motivational in its scope.”

Paul Lancaster

"The prayer focus on the course for the nations has given me a greater passion to pray for those from seventy nations who are living here in our city.”

Steve Lowton

Esme Harding

Esme Harding

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