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Equipping You for Mission

Do you want an opportunity to understand God’s mission plan for the world in a new perspective, and to discover and effectively play your part in it?

Equipping the Church for Mission

"Are you prepared to be inspired, challenged, and impacted with God's heartbeat for the lost? To catch the vision, and let the vision catch you..."

  • How can we learn from lessons of history, especially in relation to Europe?

  • How do we respond to living in multi-ethnic, multicultural towns and cities? Could this be God’s new strategy for reaching some unreached groups? Can the UK Church rise to the challenge?

  • How can we partner with the increasing numbers of missionaries coming here from the non-western world?

  • How can churches and mission agencies/organisations work together?

The Kairos ‘journey’ can help mobilise churches and individuals to understand God's global purpose

The fundamental rationale of the materials is that mission is the whole basis of the Bible, and that we are all senders, mobilisers or goers in relation to the evangelisation of the world. Kairos will inspire, motivate and mobilise you and your church! It covers four areas of mission: Biblical, Historic, Strategic and Cross-cultural. It is facilitated through teaching, videos, reading, discussion, worksheets, personal journal and prayer.

To gain maximum benefit there must be a commitment to read many articles and complete worksheets! It is a study course! You will be inspired, challenged and impacted with God’s heartbeat for the lost… and equipped with tools to take back to your church.

Kairos, which is part of the ‘Perspectives’ family, is commonly run over a six day period in a central location. An alternative structure has been three weekends of Friday through to Sunday afternoon. However the structure can be flexible to suit the need of the host church.

Esme Harding taking the Kairos Course to Albania

Esme Harding taking the Kairos Course to Albania

The History of Kairos

The Condensed World Mission Course (CWMC) was pioneered in the Philippines by Living Springs International who adapted it from the Perspectives course to mobilise the Filipino church for mission to unreached people groups. Since the first edition was introduced in 1994 more than 6,000 Filipinos have taken the course.

The CWMC is now being used all over the world and has been translated into many languages. It is proving to be a strategic educational and mobilising tool to awaken the Church to the challenges and opportunities of missions in the 21st century.

Pioneer sponsored Esme to go the Philippines to be trained as a trainer for the CWMC, and Esme then brought the course to the UK, initially naming it Co:mission and running it first in Leeds in 2001. Since then Esme has run 10 courses in 6 different locations in England and Wales. The course was finally renamed Kairos in 2005.

"Now I have a clearer vision for World Missions.
A course that does not leave one’s opinions the same."
Genci Shehu, General Secretary of the Albanian Evangelical Alliance.

Kairos is much more than a course. Trained facilitators can adapt and use the materials through whole-church communities through Sunday gatherings and cells. The materials can also be presented as an eight or six-day intensive course, or over three weekends. Kairos materials are ideal within a context of opportunities for fieldwork and mentoring, and can also be adapted as preparation for short-term teams to give immediate practical learning experience.

Kairos is a means of envisioning and mobilising our churches for mission; it's just the tool we need at this stage!

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What people have been saying about the Kairos course:

"My whole perspective on life and being a Christian has been changed and broadened. I’ve realised the world is at the core of who God is and who we should be! We have something amazing to give the world!”

Mel Page

"I am so excited about the Kairos course! The most foundational thing in my early years as a Christian was understanding God's heart for the nations and my own lifelong place in that. It will be an incredible, unique investment of three weekends - if you can do it!”

Ian Nicholson, 24-7 Missions Director, Guildford

"Through Kairos, God helped me discover again, his heart and passion for his lost children. I was stirred by the fact God wanted and needed me to rise up and play my part in reaching the lost and making disciples. Finally it has helped me see how to better support and serve those who are called to overseas mission...”

Jez Cromie

"Kairos gave me an incredible overview of the world-wide mission scene and helped me make sense of many strands of my mission involvement. But more than that, it challenged me deeply, renewed my passion and repositioned me for the future. In an age of globalisation every Christian needs to be challenged and equipped to discover their part in world mission, both at home and abroad. I believe Kairos is accessible, prophetic and highly motivational in its scope.”

Paul Lancaster

"The prayer focus on the course for the nations has given me a greater passion to pray for those from seventy nations who are living here in our city.”

Steve Lowton

Esme Harding

Esme Harding

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