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Living Waters Village - Children and Youth Sponsorship

The Living Waters Village was founded in the heart of West Kalimantan, Borneo in 1993 among a group of tribes known as the Dayaks.

Ronny and Kay Heyboer originally purchased two fifths of a square mile of virgin forest because God had spoken to them to begin to prepare a place for one thousand neglected tribal children...


Living Waters offers the opportunity to sponsor a child or young person in the village, to help to provide for the cost of their food and clothing, housing, healthcare and schooling.

In the UK we suggest a sponsorship level of £20 per month (plus Gift Aid if applicable). This figure will not provide for all the costs associated with caring for a youngster, but will make a genuine contribution to caring for them. Therefore if you are able to give more, it will be gratefully received, and if you are unable to afford this amount, but would like to sponsor a youngster, please ring the World Outreach UK office who will be pleased to discuss a suitable arrangement for you.

Sponsorship cards

We have Sponsorship cards each of which contains a colour photo "introducing God's very special person" to you and providing a few more details like birthday, village and tribe, so that you can pray for them.

You may have chosen one of these cards at a meeting where you were introduced to the Living Waters project, or you may have had one sent to you. If you would like to sponsor a child or young person, and do not already have a card, please contact your World Outreach office to ask for one. You may choose a boy or a girl to sponsor, and, if you wish, we will try to match to an approximate age.

How does the scheme work?

The local national World Outreach office will administer the scheme for you, and all contact should be made initially with them.

The scheme is based on monthly giving, and you are free to choose how you would like to arrange it. For example, you may prefer to send a cheque for your sponsorship every month so that you keep it in the front of your mind. Or you may prefer to pay two-monthly, quarterly or even annually.

Living Waters would prefer that you make an arrangement with your bank to pay a regular Standing Order, so that your payment is not forgotten and Living Waters can rely on it.

A Standing Order form is available for printing from this website (just click on the form on the right), or you may request one from the World Outreach office. This form should be completed and mailed to the World Outreach office, who will add a reference and mail it on to your bank to be actioned.

The Standing Order remains under your control and you are free to amend it at any time especially if your financial circumstances change.

Gift Aid

Using the Gift Aid scheme to recover tax is straightforward.

If you pay enough UK income tax or capital gains tax (in the same tax year) to cover the amount of your giving under Gift Aid, you may complete a Gift Aid declaration which allows World Outreach to reclaim tax on your gift for the benefit of Living Waters. This will add about 28% to the value of your gift to Living Waters, that is, your sponsorship of £20.00 per month becomes worth £25.60 to Living Waters. And if you pay tax at a higher rate, you will also qualify for a tax rebate when you complete your annual tax return.

A Gift Aid form is available from this website (just click on the form on the right), or you may request one from the World Outreach office to be sent to you. Once completed it should be mailed to the World Outreach office to be held on file. You are also free to cancel this arrangement with immediate effect at any time if your circumstances change.

Administration costs

Please note that World Outreach UK makes no deductions of any kind from your sponsorship. The costs of running the World Outreach office are met from other sources of income.

What contact may I have with my sponsored young person?

You are encouraged to write a letter to them once or twice a year. Because every letter has to be translated into Indonesian, we can't cope if you write frequently or at length. And we will translate the reply into English for you.

Gifts are also very welcome, but can be a bit of a problem because everything has to go through customs and we may have to pay duty. But you could send clothes and things that children and youth like, for example: balls, baseball caps, sports equipment, hair stuff for the girls, school things like pens and calculators.

Having said that, we can buy everything the children need in Malaysia and money is easier for us to negotiate. But don't send money through the mail.

How will I know what is going on?

A newsletter will be distributed to all supporters of Living Waters approximately every three months to keep you in touch with all our news. There may also be news updates on this World Outreach UK website, so watch out for these.

Visiting Living Waters

You are very welcome to visit Living Waters if you would like an opportunity to see what we are doing and to meet your sponsored child, but please be aware that you cannot just turn up. You must make arrangements with us first because we need time to check your references and to follow the strict security procedures we have for the sake of the children.

You need to be warned also that travel is very rough and conditions are quite basic, so be prepared!

More sponsorship details

When you choose a child or youth to sponsor, your name and contact details, together with their details are sent to Living Waters to be held by them. Only your name and contact details are held by the Word Outreach office which does not need to know the details of your sponsorship.

When you make a sponsorship gift, you should submit your gift to the World Outreach office. If it is a cheque they will receipt you directly, and if it is a Standing Order, you will receive a receipt around the the end of the tax year listing all the payments they have received from you.

All gifts should be made out to "World Outreach", and marked "Living Waters - Child Sponsorship". When a gift is received, it will be set against your name for the sponsorship of your chosen child or youth.

If for any reason you are unable to continue to sponsor your young person, please let your local World Outreach office know, and they will pass the information on to Living Waters.

Giving to the project

The project is large and is not funded from the sponsorship scheme.

If you feel you would like to give towards the project, please send your gift to World Outreach, designating it 'Living Waters Building program'.

Alternatively you may like to designate it 'Medical', 'Bibles' or simply 'Where most needed' if you are are happy for it to be used where the need is greatest. Please remember that all payments must be made out to "World Outreach".

Working on the project

The project always needs engineers, builders, electricians and plumbers. Also administrators and computer-literate people are needed to assist in day-to-day activities and to teach such skills to the children. Please see the "Opportunities for You in Mission" page of this website. There are opportunities for teachers of english, nurses, and the list goes on.

When involved in a project of this kind, you often discover that what you think of as your "crumb" is someone else's "loaf of bread". So don't hold back. And don't be put off by your age.

Contact Addresses

Please send all donations to your local World Outreach office:

World Outreach
BM Box 5265

tel: 0203 642 4873


You may contact Ronny Heyboer via:


and he will reply when he gets the time, but it's better if you contact the World Outreach office in the first instance. Be aware that an email to Ronny may not be picked up for several days because of his remote location.

Please also note that non-money gifts, and letters to sponsored children and youths may be sent to:

Ronny & Kay Heyboer
PO Box 3203
Kuching 93762

The World Outreach office is unable to forward anything other than one-page letters, sponsorship money and other donations.

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Please note that the Standing Order and Gift Aid forms are for use only in the UK, and relate only to the UK banking and tax systems.

However, the general information on this page is applicable to everyone.




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Gift Aid form

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